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Legal Case Management Software

CaseLegal is a web based Practice Management System for Law Firms, in House Legal Departments and ABSs. Designed as a web based application that can be assessed anywhere on a browser, CaseLegal consists of all the benefits that reside with the Cloud, whilst maintaining all the traditional productivity tools required by a law firm.

Anywhere Anytime

Available as a fully hosted cloud or on premise solution, access anywhere from any computer or mobile device (iPhone, Tablet, or Smartphone)*.

Intelligent Workflow

Utilising the inbuilt workflow system, business processes can be automated and customised based on the practices requirements, ensuring that cases and files are dealt with consistently and in keeping with your standards.


Create and generate appointments and reminders for clients and cases with a few single clicks. Never miss an important deadline again.

Organise Your Business

Complete insight into your business with management reporting, view cases and activity of your team.

Multiple case types

Pick and choose the case type modules that are relevant to your business. Only involved in Civil Litigation? No problem, why pay for something not relevant.

Document Management

Create and generate standardised letters and documents in Microsoft Word format simply and quickly. Letters are automatically generated and downloaded.

White Label

Need something specific and specially designed for you? Our solutions team can help, just let us know by giving us a call..

Show me the Money

That's you, not me. By utilising the features and tools available, increase the productivity and efficency of your team whilst carefully managing costs.

Conflict of Interest Reports

That's you, not me. By utilising the features and tools available, increase the productivity and efficency of your team whilst carefully managing costs.

Starting a new law firm?

Starting a new firm is not a simple matter and CaseLegal understands this. That is why CaseLegal can provide the tools and features necessary to setup and get your practice running smoothly from day one all at an affordable cost.

Here at CaseLegal we understand that starting a new firm is no simple matter and that currently you have many things to consider and process. That is why we at CaseLegal want to help you by being your trusted solutions partner. Not only can we provide your legal software solutions we can also assist in setting up and managing your business critical systems and IT infrastructure so that you can concentrate on running your business.

Contact us to see how we can help.

Do you require more than just a case management system?

We understand that a sucessful law practice requires more then just a case management system but also the infrastructure around it. That is why here at Case Legal we can also provide you with the necessary infrastructure to get your practice up and running. This can include hosting for your website, the creation and management of your email server and the procurement and configuration of IT equipment.

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